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Prevent theft and vandalism on your construction site. Theft and vandalism, burglary and unwanted persons cause millions of Pounds in construction damage every year. This includes material damage, such as stolen building materials, stolen machines and empty fuel tanks. In the worst-case scenario, materials or machines may be damaged or even destroyed.

In addition to material damage, the actual progress of the construction project is also at stake. For example, the production process may be temporarily stopped, or failure to meet an important delivery date could result in a lot of hassle. That is why you need to protect your site, now!

Analoque Systems & Time Lapse Cameras

CCTV And IT Experts provides high-quality time lapse video production services for construction, demolition and refit projects.
CCTV And IT Experts will create a video based on your specifications to ensure you receive a time lapse video that captures your project perfectly. The high quality time lapse video cameras can be installed on the post as part of a site or as a completely standalone unit. We pride ourselves on our market-leading position, supplying our own manufactured product and a service which starts at site survey, right through installation, maintenance, alarm response and monthly reporting, detailing onsite events and speed of action from the CCTV EXPERTS team.

24hr monitored system by professional monitoring station

Footage can be used as evidence for prosecution

View your site remotely at any time from your mobile phone or laptop

Cameras can be moved as the site progresses

5MP HD 30m night-vision cameras (75% cheaper than manned guarding)

Here Is The Video

Solar & Wind Turbine Hybrid CCTV System

Hybrid Power Solutions

The innovative solar – wind turbine hybrid power solution is based on green energy for the majority of the power, and a diesel generator as a backup. In the daytime, electricity is generated by the solar panels and supplies power to the CCTV equipment and charges the battery. At night, batteries charge the CCTV equipment.

When solar energy is at a shortage (such as in winter) or consecutive rainy days, the battery will be charged by wind turbine and backup generator.

This hybrid power supply can solve the interruption risk of pure solar power when the amount of sunlight can fluctuate between different seasons or on consecutive rainy days.

The hybrid power system produces an excess of power throughout the year.

Secure & Reliable Power

The hybrid power solution powers the 4G router and transmits data to the monitoring center. Even if the national grid shuts down, the hybrid system will continue to record & transmit data.

Live video can be transmitted through your phone or computer depending upon operational requirements.

The battery bank on a solar or wind power system acts like an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). However, the battery is normally bigger than on a UPS, and so is able to power the system for much longer, quite often with 7 to 10 days autonomously.


RSI Videofied Wireless Alarm Camera System

RSI Videofied is a wireless intruder alarm with built-in night colour vision camera and infrared LED’s. Up to 24 devices can be programmed on to the main control panel including internal and external cameras, keypads, sounders and smoke detectors.

The radio range is up to 300 meters (with line of sight)

Operation is easy, setting and un-setting is done from a full text keypad much like your home or business alarm system.

The panel can work for up to 2 years on one set of batteries and has an operating temperature range of -30 to +60 degrees.

In the event of an alarm the camera records a short 6-10 second video clip of what caused the activation and sends it to our alarm receiving centre.

​An operator will then review the video clip and call the key holders or guarding company as appropriate.

The Videofied system is battery powered and fully weather-proof making it ideal for construction sites and void properties.